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Artisian Soaps are soaps made from scratch. Oil and Water and Lye are added together and Saponify to make soap. They have Baraka Shea Butter, Caster Oil (for bubbles), Olive Oil, are some of the ingredients.

LATTE SOAP- When you smell it has the smell of warm fresh coffee. It has beautiful brown and gold tones to it.

CARPINTERIA WAVE- FINALLY BACK IN STOCK. I named this after the town I live in, and I live 1/2 miles walk from the beach. It has a great turtle embed on top of the white wave. Colored with beautiful Turguoise and Sea Green. Smells like sitting on the beach and looking at the ocean.

DRAGON- Has small bits of "Black African Soap" and may fill great on the skin. It has "Dragons Blood" Fragrance Oil added to it, and will remind you of 1980's. Beautiful Cream and Chocolate color.

PINK CLAY (unscented)- I packed this soap with Organic Oils, and the Shea Butter is sustainably sourced. There is NO FRAGRANCE in this soap. It is topped with beautiful dried rose petals and coarse salt.


Artisian Soaps

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