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Kim's Story


            I have a wonderful and amazing life and have been blessed to have a wonderful family and amazing friends. I have a husband who supports me as I follow my many "wishes" in my life. I have three great children who live with or near me. I have one grandchild who is 8 years old and is definitely the apple of his grandmothers eye.

          I do not remember a time in my life when I did not fill creative. I reminisce when I was a child making the perfect mud pie, or as an adult learning to paint portraits on porcelain.

          My porcelain painting passion start back in 1997. I was taught by a wonderful elderly member of my church, who saw the creative spark in me and set my path of creativity. She will always have a place in my heart. Time came and I had to move away from my beloved mentor, but believe it or not she found a teacher for me in my new location. I continued to learn and paint, and have taught many students over the years. I now assist another beloved friend and mentor in 3 of her painting classes a week. For me, following one art form was not enough.

          I started to get the spark in my heart to learn wire wrapping and wire weaving. It took 10 years before I felt ready to present jewelry that everyone would love. I also learned to make homemade soap. It looked fun and exciting, and I thought" I can make soap". Years later of failed soap, color testing, fragrance testing, and watching a ton of videos on Youtube, I have soap to present for everyone's pleasure.

          I hope you enjoy my page and videos, because everything I present comes from deep within my heart. For those who are thinking of following there "wishes" and dreams, please remember this, in order to be a great artist, you are going to make a lot of great mistakes. Even though mistakes can be disheartening, they teach you how to be a better artist, and sometimes mistakes can become great art.

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